Team INC. Networking and the Board of Recommendations.

Team INC. Networking

Ton van de Ven

CEO & Founder

Martin Meulendijk

Chief Commercial Officer

Renate Swanepoel

Chief Operating Officer

Fabiola Ven-Dap

Head Government Affairs

Andy Agar 

Chief Growth Officer

Malenzie Mac-Donald

 INC. Partner Support 

Edwin Schaafsma

 INC. Business Partner

Julia Kizimenko 

INC. Business Partner

Wouter Ooms 

INC. Partner

Delano van Spaandonk 

INC. Intern 

Board of

This boards will give recommendations to the Inc team

Con van Rijswijk

 INC. The Netherlands

Wieger Daalman

 INC. The Netherlands

Nils Janssens

INC. The Netherlands

Ad Spijkers

 INC. The Netherlands

Aleksandr Stommels

INC. The Netherlands

Ivan Mols

INC. The Netherlands

Kurt Schaller

INC. Germany

Kenny Paterson

INC. St. Maarten – Caribbean